About Us

Welcome to Wendy's wedding studio. A husband and wife team that enjoys the art of photography and the wedding day. We enjoy photography, when we are not covering a wedding we are out shooting different subjects, lifestyle, or anything that might be out of the box we enjoy. Please look at our work, and if you enjoy our style give us a call so we can work together. We currently live in Phoenix, AZ but will travel the globe to capture your event.

Our style is modern, candid, artistic and joyful.

Wendy enjoys everything the wedding day has to offer, flowers, preparation, capturing special moments and yes, flowers.

Carlos is an Artist/ Architect/ Graphic Designer working vigorously behind the scenes thinking outside the box making sure none of the details of your event get lost.

We feel this is a great blend and mixture of talent, together we bring many years of experience. We want to make sure you remember your day exactly as it was when you open your album and show them to your family for years to come.